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Scale Specific Societies

The 2mm Scale Association Pendon museum: 4mm scale modelling at its finest
British Nn3 Scalefour Society
The 3mm Society Proto 64 An American finescale S scale group
British HO scale Society 009 society
P:87 Special Interest Group Proto48 American "Quarter Inch" scale.
National Association of S Gaugers : The US S Scale Organization The ScaleSeven Group

Rolling Stock, Locos, bits

51L Models produce an MR open wagon kit in S Scale.
Alan Gibson. Supplier of British S scale parts and Kits, wheels, etc.
American Models: S scale train sets and accessories. On visual inspection their trucks (bogies) may have some uses for UK modellers especially the roller bearing type (modern freight stock), Bettendorf (WALRUS?), passenger (possibly GWR but looks a bit short) and six-wheel (Pullman cars).
Backwoods Miniatures Pete McPartlin supplies a variety of Sn3 kits for logging prototypes including a Balmforth Bros (of Leeds) vertical boiler 0-4-0T.
Bill Bedford Models: Manufacturer of British etched parts including some for S scale.
Des Plaines Hobbies: Parts, kits, and limited run freight cars in O, S, HO, and N scale. Manufacturer of S Scale American and O brass passenger car kits.
Marbellup Models West Australian. Sn3 1/2 models
New Zealand Finescale: N.Z.R. Sn3 1/2 models including McKenzie and Holland type Somersault signals and S scale figures.
North Yard supply parts for NZR Sn3 1/2 modelling. Their catalogue is Here.
P-B-L: Manufacturer of very fine scale Sn3 models and equipment based mostly on Colorado prototypes.
Railmaster Exports: Manufacturers of American narrow gauge locomotives and automobiles.
MTH (formerly Showcase Line) S scale and American Flyer Compatible trains from S Helper Service. Again like American models above some of their trucks may be usable
Worsley Works S Scale Etched Loco body kits

Motors, Gears etc.

Coreless Motors (Faulhaber)
Escap Motors
High Level kits: Produce a range of useful gearboxes amongst their parts.

Maxon: Makers of coreless motors

KK Produkcja Mikroantriebe Makers of very small motors and gears in Poland.

NWSL modeling & miniatures tools and equipment North West shortline gears, etc.
Minimotor SA Minicatalog DC-Micromotors - Faulhaber motor Performance characteristics.
Ultrascale Wheels and gears


There are relatively few suppliers of figures specifically for S Scale Railway modelling but there are a large number of suppliers of 25 and 28mm wargame figures. Some of these can be used directly whilst others may need a little modification. The average modern male is about 5'-8" tall (27mm in S Scale) with the average female about 5'-3" (25mm in S Scale). In the eighteenth century people were 2-3 inches shorter because of poorer diets. Hence we are looking for figures roughly 24-28mm tall to the top of the head. See Figures page for details.

Road vehicles

Grizzly Mountain Engineering make some nice laser cut horse drawn wagons. The Gypsy caravan and the log wagon are probably the most plausible in a British setting.
Lledo Vanguards did a small range of S Scale British Lorries (Ford Thames Trader, Leyland Comet, Bedford S, Karrier, Commer) with a variety of bodies. They can still be found cheaply secondhand via Ebay. Click here for a search for these on Ebay.
Reviresco Make some whitemetal 1920s 1:64 car kits including Model T Ford and Rolls Royce. These can be found amongst the 1:72 scale models.

Structures, etc

American model builders American prototype wooden buildings and detail parts.
Banta Modelworks / Building & Structure Co: Manufactures laser cut kits in HO, S and O scales along with S scale detail parts. US prototypes but some useful for UK including a nice set of privies.
Bar Mills Scale Model Works: US type wooden buildings
BTS Structures: Manufacturer of American laser-cut kits in HO, S, and O scales
Crystal River Products, Inc. US prototype structures.
DSL Shops City Buildings
Frontline wargaming do a 25/28mm range which includes household furniture, office desks, hotel fittings, shelves, etc.
Grandt Lines Products: Primary products are plastic Architectural Parts (doors, windows, etc.) in most modelling scales. Note that Grandt line are to close down shortly
Model Memories: Etched kits for US Signals and catenary.
Monster Model and Laserworks Laser cut brick and stone sheets, Tie plates for Flat bottom rail,
Microtech Structure Kits Small range of wooden US type buildings.
Pine Canyon Scale Models Now includes some factories which may suit British layouts.
Trainstuff Structures Mostly inner city buildings - includes some factory wall sections.

Other Parts and Tools

Bare-Metal Foil & Hobby Co.: Tools, polyurethane casting resins, mould-making materials, diorama landscaping products, and Bare-Metal Foil.
Blackham transfers. Custom Dryprint transfers made to order. Will also do short runs of stock transfers where there is a demonstrable demand.
Cambridge Custom Transfers: Custom made decals
Crafty Computer paper: Blank decal sheet for waterslide and dry printer transfers suitable for Inkjet and Laser printers.
C-D-S Lettering US decals.
C & L finescale 4mm scale track components which can be used for S scale
Evergreen Styrene: Styrene sheet and sections
Fox Transfers Suppliers of waterslide transfers to the SSMRS
Kadee S Scale Products - Knuckle couplers for all scales.
Kappler Mill & Lumber Co. Wood for modellers cut to scale sizes - almost obsolete in the UK but still heavily used in the US.
Lazertran: Decal Sheets for Inkjet printers.
Metalsmith metal forming tools for modelmakers.
Modratec - Kits for interlocked level frames. There is free software to help you design the interlocking.
Microscale Decals World's largest producer of model railroad decals, plus online catalogue.
Phoenix Precision Paints Authentic British Railway colours.
Plastruct: Supplier of Plastic Scale Model Parts for miniature scale model building.
Pro Rail International Suppliers of Memory Wire.

Rustall Simulates rust on any material.

Scale hardware Very, very small nuts, bolts washers, etc.

Sergent Engineering Knuckle couplers (for BR Mk1s?)
Slaters Plastikard Styrene sheet and kits (unfortunately not in S).
Shesto specialist suppliers of tools to the Model & Hobby trade.
Alec Tiranti Ltd Tools and supplies for home casting
Tomalco manufacturers of US style flexitrack for S Scale


ALPS printers: Printers that you can use to make your own decals (no longer made).

Branchstow: Branchstow are specialist railway booksellers, with a particular emphasis on high quality books produced by small independent publishers.

Birmingham Central Library houses the Metro-Cammell collection of drawings and photographs of carriages and wagons built by Metropolitan and its constituent companies. A3 size copies of the drawings are readily available and cheap.
BRMNA Drawings index. A useful index of published drawings compiled by the British Railway Modellers of North America.
Craig O'Connell's home page: Craig's site covers North American S/Sn3 and American Flyer with numerous links to suppliers and to the NASG
Russ Elliott's list supplier.textl is a useful set of links to model railway traders in the UK.
Heimburger House Publishers of US magazines S Gaugian and Sn3 Modeler
iRail Railway Search Engine: UK based web directory / search engine dedicated to Railways and Model Railways.

Isinglass drawings are now available to order in S Scale. This range covers LNER subjects including items from the pre-grouping constituent companies.

Missenden Abbey is a not for profit organisation run by a small number of volunteers that offer weekend courses and a week long Summer modelling retreat.
Museums and other resources: An incredibly useful list of just which museums have got which archives. Compiled by the Irish Narrow Gauge Railways website.

The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester: The people with the Beyer-Peacock Archive. - Over 10,000 rail-related links, search engine, daily rail news, free classified ads, discussion board, Train Simulator add-ons, and more!
Steve Rabone's S Scale Pages. British S Scale models built by Steve Rabone.
The UK Model Shop Directory. Lists include exhibitions and other things as well as model shops.


Web Link Validator. This is the software which I use to keep broken links on this site to a minimum. It is a godsend.
Trainflow produces a program called Wagonflow, which helps realistic passenger time-tabling and freight traffic management.
Templot - THE program for producing track templates in any scale/gauge combination. You can customize Switch and crossing work for any formation.
SigScribe4 - A piece of software to help you work out how to interlock your lever frame. You can also get the Modratec interlocking kits from this supplier but the software is free.
Valve Gear on the Computer A free piece of software which shows you what your valve gear should look like when in motion.

Other Railway Societies

The Brighton Circle The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Society
Broad Gauge Society LNWR Society
The Caledonian Railway Association The London Midland and Scottish Society
The Cambrian Railways Society Ltd The London Underground Railway Society
Chiltern Model Railway Association The Midland and Great Northern Circle
The Colonel Stephens Society The Midland Railway Society
The Cumbrian Railways Association The North British Railway Study Group
Diesel & Electric Modellers United (DEMU) The North Eastern Railway Association
The Furness Railway Trust The North Staffordshire Railway Study Group
The Glasgow and South Western Railway Association NMRA A very large list of primarily American links
The Great Central Railway Society The Signalling Record Society
The Great Eastern Railway Society The Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust
The Great North of Scotland Railway The South Eastern and Chatham Railway Society
The Great Northern Railway Society The South Western Circle
The Great Western Study Group The Southern Electric Group
The Gresley Society The Southern Railways Group
Historical Model Railway Society The Tramway and Light Railway Society
The Highland Railway Society The Welsh Railway Research Circle
The Industrial Railway Society The World War Two Railway Study Group
The Irish Railway Records Society

S Scale news groups

S_Scale_List. This group is for discussion of matters relating to S Scale (1:64) railway modelling of prototypes within the "British Isles", as well as those modelling overseas railways such as in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, North and South America and mainland Europe. It is independent of the S Scale Model Railway Society but most of the members of this group are also members of the SSMRS.
S-Scale The S-Scale e-mail list is for 1/64th scale model railroading; both standard and narrow gauge (mostly US).
Sn2 Trains This list discusses topics which are specifically related to Sn2 modeling; that is, either the use of 10.5 mm or 9mm gauge track in S scale to replicate models of two-foot gauge prototypes (mostly US).
Sn3 Model Railroading 3 foot narrow gauge railroads, both real and 1:64 scale, are the main focus. Also included are info about products, 'how-to', mutual help and general camaraderie.
NWNG Sn3. Sn3 Model railroading mostly in NW of USA. Focused on S narrow gauge, but all are welcome.
Proto:64 Special Interest Group Proto:64 is S scale modeling using finer standards for track work and wheelsets. (This group focusses on the US equivalent of British S Scale standards). The most obvious difference between Proto 64 standards and NASG S ?scale? standards are the width of the wheels and the narrower flangeways.
S Scale Model Railroading - Promotion of fine S Scale Model Railroading.
NMRA S Scale Special interest group - does what is says on the tin.
Modern S scale - US group concentrating on the contemporary scene.
Finescale64 ? Finescale Sn3?. The group is focussed on issues relating to modelling 3'-6" narrow gauge (particularly NZR) to a high track standard in S scale.
SSPM - This list is for discussion of S scale prototype model railroading. (No, I haven't got a clue what that means).
S - Trains (American Flyer) For those into collecting toy trains rather than Railway modelling.