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Changes and additions to these pages



1/4/2024 Events page updated.

March 2024 Gazette added to members' area.


June 2023 Gazette added to members' area.

A link to Missenden Abbey has been added on the Links page. It is a not for profit organisation run by a small number of volunteers that offer weekend courses and a week long Summer modelling retreat.


Please see the new Parts list with increased prices, as agreed at the 2022 AGM, that apply to all orders received from 1st August 2022 onwards. Ordering procedures remain the same, ie letter or email to the Parts Officer with either the Order Form or setting out the codes and quantities of parts required. The Parts Officer will then notify the cost including post and packing and members can pay by cheque or through online banking.
SSMRS prices may have gone up, but are still great value!


New Gallery 30 - Blakey Rigg


Please see a new Parts list. The opportunity has been taken to have a stock-take and revise the list, removing some items now out of stock that are unlikely to be replaced. But also to add in new items in red, with explanatory notes in green. In addition:
1. The Society has taken in David Provan's range of wagon kits and etches.
2. There are details of how to order the various locomotive and wagon kits sold by John Taylor.
3. The price of the Parkside 1907 RCH wagon has been reduced if members buy a complete kit.
4. Finally, there is now an Order Form in the Members Area for Members to order parts from the Parts Officer at meetings. When ordering by post or e-mail, members can either use the form or replicate the format - codes, item, quantity etc.


New parts added to the Locomotive page and new wheel centre castings added to the wheels page.

Some events for 2021 added!!!


Parts pages updated.


New Gallery 29 - Arcadia


Parts list in members area updated.

GDPR consent form added in members area.


New Gallery 28 - Abbey Street

Link to Rumney Models added to wagon parts page.


December 2017 Gazette added to members' area.


Further photos added to Gallery 27 -Trowland


New Gallery 27 -Trowland
2/4/2016 Members note password change.
22/2/2016 New Gallery 25 - More photos of Yaxbury

New Wagon Parts

The new parts for the wagon kits have arrived at last and the picture above shows both sidse of the mould. Please note that the plastic used in the moulds is actually black - Iíve just given them a whiff of Halfordís Grey Primer to make them show up a bit netter in the picture.

There are two types of spring, two types of buffer shank and five types of axleboxes on each sprue. All the axle boxes come in two parts so need the fronts to be stuck to the backs.

You will need four sprues for one wagon, but the same four sprues will suffice for two wagons if you use different springs, buffer stocks and axleboxes for the two wagons.

We are hoping to provide steel buffer heads and shanks to work in the buffer stocks and these might be available in the near future. However, in the short term you might want to consider using 4mm scale ones from Wizard Models - their scale 16Ē, 1mm shank type on this web page.

These buffer heads scale out at about 13.4Ē in S scale, so you might choose to leave them oversize to help with buffer locking, or the size may be reduced fairly easily in the lathe, or even in a Dremel type tool using a file.

Iím also investigating getting the sprues cast in brass sing the same method we use when doing the cast brass chairs. If we are successful then the parts from the sprues will be sold separately so that you will have access to individual springs, buffer stocks and axleboxes for use on other items of rolling stock.

23/6/2015 Parts list in members area updated.

Events list updated


Members please note Password change.

If you have a problem please contact the


New parts news

SA1 New etch of a selection of GWR signal arms.

There is only one etch in stock at the moment, but if there is interest in the signal arms we will get another sheet etched. The artwork was drawn by Dave Provan and is now owned by the SSMRS.

SL1 Etch of GWR 11? pitch ladder stiles (sides)

This etch contains four 30' stiles to make up two 30' ladders. All holes are etched for the rungs. There are also detail parts for brackets and safety hoops.

WE17 GWR Outside-framed Toad brake van platework

This etch has all the platework necessary to apply the platework on a GWR outside-framed brake van ? intended for Dave Provan's laser cut kits, but useful for models from different sources.WE18 Gloucester RCW van platework

This etch contains all the platework for a model of Gloucester RCW van, again intended for Dave
Provan's laser cut kit, but useful for other models with similar platework.

FB1 MR/GSWR Footbridge

This etch is for a model of a lattice girder, double track footbridge which can be made in Midland or Glasgow and South Western varieties. See Page 19 of the current Gibson catalogue for pictures. Please note that no castings for columns, etc., are supplied.


PASSWORD Change - members check your email.


New S Scale products from Worsley Works.

1. London North Western Railway diagram M7 Steam Railmotor

In S scale the kit will be £55

2. The kits from Worsley's Wantage Tramway range

The price of the Wantage stock has not yet been advised.

No sooner does one new S Scale loco appear than several come along at once.

The hurried shot above is of Patrick Smith's 16" Hunslet made from etches by Judith Edge kits blown up to S Scale. These etches are still available. Please contact them for details and price.

Bill Bedford also passed by at Railex and talked about a new range of S Scale Midland Locos. I have seen the 1F tank. There are others to come.......


A recent venture between Scott Willis and Peter Mullen of 62C models has produced a set of etches for an NBR Class A/LNER N14 0-6-2T. The etches are a direct reduction from Peter's 7mm etches and he is advertising them, along with the etches for an NBR Class A/LNER N15 0-6-2T, on his website.

The chassis for the N14 is the same as that for the N15, originally it was the intention to have the chassis and both the N14 & N15 bodies produced. Unfortunately funds ran out and only the chassis and N14 body was produced. Despite this Peter has advertised the N15 on his website and would be happy to produce the body if he receives any interest. See the Locomotive page for more images.


New Gallery 24 La Baraque

Events list updated.

30/1/11 Link to North Yard updated.
22/11/10 Images and updates added to Coach parts, Wagon parts, Track and other parts, Loco parts

November 2010 PARTS LIST in members area.

31/1/10 New photos of EAST LYNN and NUNSTANTON added to Gallery 9

Large colour images of the Locos for auction at the 2010 AGM are now online in the members area.

Old SSMRS newsletters from 1948 - 2005 are also now online in the members area

10/11/09 Isinglass drawings are now available to order in S Scale. This range covers LNER subjects including items from the pre-grouping constituent companies. Link added to links page.

October 2009 PARTS LIST in members area

New photos added to Gallery 18

Photos of new track added to Track and other parts

KK Produkcja Mikroantriebe Makers of very very small motors and gears in Poland added to links page.


Track plan of KILBRANDON added to Gallery 15 .

A .zip file containing the NRM/OPC drawings list as an excel spreadsheet added to the members area.


A retrospective look at Ian Hammond's KOPIKOPIKO added as Gallery 21

18/4/2009 Images of many of the smaller parts added to the parts list pages ( Coach parts, Wagon parts, Signal parts, Track and other parts, Loco parts).

Colour photos from the 2009 AGM

I hadn't noticed this before but Cambridge Custom Transfers are listing most of their sheets as available in S Scale.


Website back on line (please report any problems).

1/3/2009 LYCOS cease business as ISP. website down.
24/1/2009 February gazette in members area.
11/01/2009 Photos of KILBRANDON added to Gallery 15.

Links page updated


New Gallery 20 added. William Loyd's ORO GRANDE railroad.


New Gallery 18 added Bill Pearce's new layout BANK HALL SIDINGS.

New Gallery 19 added A retrospective look at Bill Pearce' old layout PIEL QUAY

3/2/2008 Some photos taken at the AGM for those of you that couldn't make it.
17/11/2007 New photos of GROVE FERRY JUNCTION added to Gallery 16.

Coach parts page updated with new kits from Worsley Works.


New photos of Norman Pattenden's models in Gallery 6

11/3/2007 News from the AGM. Robin Fielding is now Chairman and Phil Copleston has taken over as parts officer .
18/10/2006 Link added to Hollywood foundry - makers of the BullAnt power bogie units on the Loco kits and parts page.

Link added to Frontline wargaming who do a 25/28mm range which includes household furniture, office desks, hotel fittings, shelves, etc.

21/5/2006 Membership application page updated.

2006 photo of Eric Manning's "Rebuilt Scot" added to Gallery 7


Some additions to Commercial Figures.

Thame/Bledlow track plan added to Gallery 13

20/3/06 An extra photo added to both Gallery 7 and Gallery 8

New Worsley Works Midland coach parts listed.


Link to Tomalco (US flexitrack) added to links page.


Loco kits and parts page updated with new Worsley Scratch-aid loco kits.

29/08/05 Maintenance - 9 Broken links fixed

Kilbrandon track plan added to Gallery 15

Gallery 16 added - Grove Ferry Junction


Figures page updated


Links page updated

Figures page updated with images of commercial figures

09/02/05 Secretary's address details updated.

Photos of the BR 16T mineral wagon added to the Wagon parts page.


Y7 photos added to loco parts page. Photos of built up Bill Bedford kits added to the Coach parts page and the Wagon parts page

New Gallery 15 added

19/12/04 Links page updated - Links to S Scale newsgroups added.
02/10/04 Loco kits and parts page updated with new Worsley Works body kit for D6300 B-B Diesel Hydraulic.
12/09/04 Broken links fixed.
30/06/04 It's just not British! Some snaps from the Newmarket show.
22/02/04 Some photos taken at the AGM for those of you that couldn't make it.

New Gallery 13 added "Thame"

New Gallery 14 added "Rudgeley Junction"

31/01/04 Loco kits and parts page updated with new Worsley Works body kits.

Links page updated

24/12/03 Site map added.
21/12/03 Size comparison page added.
19/12/03 Parts pages re-arranged. (see buttons above)
3/12/2003 S Scale Webring added to index.html
29-30/11/2003 Site moved to new domain.

New Gallery 12 added

Loco kits and parts page updated

13/7/2003 Additional photo added to history page

Coach kits and parts page updated

Loco kits and parts page updated

Track and miscellaneous parts page updated

Wagon kits and parts page updated

Wheels page updated

19/6/2003 Additional photo added to history page
19/02/03 Links added to Alan Gibson's website
22/09/02 New photos of Yaxbury in Gallery 5
22/07/02 New Gallery 11 added

New photos in Gallery 4

30/06/02 New Gallery 10 added
26/06/2002 New photos added to wagon kits and parts page
17/03/2002 New Gallery 9 added

Further old photos added to history page

10/03/2002 Page on early rocking W-iron experiments added
02/03/2002 New Gallery 7 added

New Gallery 8 added

Further old photos added to history page

19/10/2001 Page on prototype rail sections added