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Abbey Street

Jas Millham's Abbey Street station from the street. It is set in the 1950s in an East Anglian town. Road traffic is already a problem in this cramped urban environment where the road squeezes between the station and the Abbey ruins. You can read more about Abbey Street in MRJ 260(photo: Jas Millham)

Inside the station J68 68666 shunts the goods traffic whilst a Wickham DMU awaits passengers. (photo: Jas Millham)

The Wickham DMU is now back off to the Junction.  The LNER pattern searchlight signal shows red as the DMU has passed. (photo: Jas Millham)

J17 65528 also lends a hand with the shunting. This member of the class has the smaller tender. It will shortly work the vans back to the junction.(photo: Jas Millham)

 J17 65531, with the larger tender, arrives with a short train of coal empties to run around before taking them back to the junction. The coal yard is beyond the immediate station area. (photo Jas Millham)

A quieter corner of the yard next to the Black Lion Iron works.  The condemned van is next to a derelict stable block. Abbey Street retired its last shunting horse some time ago. (photo: Jas Millham)

The old Great Eastern 0-6-0s are not much longer for this world and the new order represented by a BTH Type One (class 15) is lurking in the headshunt by the Hermes electrical factory. (photo: Jas Millham)