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Trevor Nunn's new layout "Trowland" is the terminus of a Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway branchline in North Norfolk. The layout is set firmly in the late 19th century.

Trowland station against a big East Anglian sky. (photo Andy May)

Black, Hawthorn 0-6-0ST number 6A. This loco, built in 1881, had been sold off by the M&GN to a brickworks by 1895. (photo Andy May)

M & GN 2-4-0 number 3A is arriving here with the branch goods train. The real loco was rebuilt from an ex North Cornwall Mineral Railways 0-6-0T as a 2-4-0 in 1891 at Melton Constable works. It lasted until 1899. (photo Andy May)

Number 3A again. Shunting the yard. (photo Andy May)


Midland and Great Northern Railway 4-4-0T number 9. The real loco was built by Hudswell, Clarke in 1879 and lasted until 1932. On Trowland it hauls the branch passenger train.(photo Andy May)

A busy day at Trowland. The yard is full with a newly arrived Passenger service at the platform and a goods train weaiting to leave from the loop.(photo Andy May)

Number 9 has now run around its train and is now ready to depart again for the Junction.(photo Andy May)

Waiting by the crossing for the train to leave. (Photo Simon Dunkley)

Black, Hawthorn 0-6-0ST number 6A has arrived with the goods. (photo Simon Dunkley)

An overview of the whole layout.(photo Simon Dunkley)

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