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See further down the page for parts by Alan Gibson , Bill Bedford , 62C Models , Judith Edge Kits and Worsley Works

SSMRS Locomotive Parts and Kits

These parts are available to members only from the Parts Officer of the SSMRS

LK1 BR Class 08 0-6-0 Diesel Electric Shunter (etchings only) Currntly out of stock
LK1a BR class 08 springs
LK1c BR class 08 Vacuum tanks
LK1b BR class 08 sand boxes


LA2 Loco/tender springs and axleboxes 2' 6" cast whitemetal pair
LA3 LBSCR Tender axle box and spring for most if not all Brighton tenders with outside frames (e.g.C2X, Atlantics, 4-4-0s, K 2-6-0) pair
LA4 LA4 SR Tender axle box and spring for WC/BB, Q, Q1, L1, King Arthur and S15 with6-wheel tender, and some Maunsell Moguls pair
LB1 Turned brass buffer stock pair
LB2 Loco Buffers, for G.W.R. broad gauge mid - late period set of 4
LC2 Loco chimney 4' integral lip/base cast whitemetal each
LV1 Ramsbottomm Safety Valves, cast whitemetal
LWP Westinghouse Pump
RA1 Romford Axle for S Gauge
TBC Tender brake column


Alan Gibson Parts

A selection of Alan Gibson S scale kits and parts is also available either through the society or direct. For the prices of Alan Gibson's kits and parts see his Web site.

 LSWR O2 class 0-4-4T

An Alan Gibson O2 as built by Norman Pattenden from the GSM40 kit :

Photo Phillip Eaton

GSM03 MR round top 3F, Johnson 3,250 tender
GSM06 MR Belpaire 3F, Johnson 3,250 tender

3F 0-6-0

Bill Blackwood's 3F built from an Alan Gibson kit





MR/LMS 4F, Johnson 3,250 tender

MR/LMS 4F, Johnson 3,500 tender

MR/LMS 4F, Fowler 3,500 tender

MR/LMS 4F, Stanier 3,500 tender

Alan Gibson 4F as built by Steve Rabone

GSM14 MR 1738 (rbt) round top 2P, Johnson 3,250 tender
GSM15 MR 1738 (rbt) Belpaire 2P, Johnson 3,250 tender
GSM21 MR 483 2P, Johnson tender, makes either 3,250 or 3,500

(can also be supplied with Fowler 3,500 tender for LMS 2P)

Alan Gibson 2P as built by Steve Rabone

GSM29 MR 700 Belpaire 3P, Johnson tender
GSM29B MR 700 Belpaire 3P, Deeley tender
GSM29A MR 700 Belpaire 3P, Fowler tender
GSM30 MR 990 4P, Deeley 3,500 tender

Alan Gibson 4P as built by Steve Rabone

GSM31 SDJR small boiler 7F, Deeley 3,500 tender
GSM31 SDJR small boiler 7F, Fowler 3,500 tender
GSM40 LSWR O2 (can also be ordered with frames for a G6, requiring a little modification to the body)

The following Alan Gibson locomotive frets do not include boiler, firebox, smoke box or fittings. They consist of etched brass body platework (e.g. footplate, cab, tender) etched nickel silver underframe (chassis, valve gear)

GSM32 LMS Stanier 2-6-0, Fowler tender
GSM33 LMS original "Patriot", Fowler tender
GSM34 LMS Black 5, Stanier tender
GSM49 LMS Jubilee, Stanier tender
GSM150 LMS 8F, Stanier tender
GSM151 LMS Stanier 2-6-4T 2 cylinder
GSM153 LMS Hughes/Fowler 2-6-0 Crab
GSM155 LMS Stanier 2-6-4T 3 cylinder


Locomotive Fittings (whitemetal)

SM604 Wakefield lubricators (2)


SM607 MR Fowler 1'6 13/16" chimney  
SM608 MR Fowler 1'11 7/16" chimney  
SM610 MR Deeley 2'5 1/2" chimney  
SM611 MR Deeley 2'3 3/4" dome  
SM612 MR Fowler 2'1 1/4" dome  
SM613 LMS Fowler 1'9 1/2" dome  
SM620 Late MR / Early LMS Johnson/Deeley tender axleboxes (set of 6)


SM620 Early MR tender axleboxes (set of 6)


SM638 MR open Ramsbottom safety valves, Belpaire fireboxes  
SM640 MR/LMS 5'3" boiler smokebox door  
SM695 Johnson Tender toolboxes (2)


SM696 MR enclosed Ramsbottom safety valves, round top fireboxes  
  Scale figures, driver and fireman



Bill Bedford Parts

Bill Bedford has an extensive S scale Catalogue of kits (including some locomotives) which can be produced to order directly from Bill (not via the SSMRS). Bill aims for a 6-8 week production cycle, but this can be extended if for instance he cannot fill particular sheets of if he gets side tracked by other work. Delivery times are minimum of 4 weeks though 12 weeks is more typical. If delivery could be a problem it is best to check with him before ordering.

Worsley Works Kits

Worsley Works produce a range of kits in 3mm Scale. They are willing to produce the body etches in S Scale and have already done this with two BR era Diesel shunters and a B-B diesel hydraulic. Prices are given on their website where you can order the kits (not via SSMRS). The two samples shown below were built by John Taylor.



The Yorkshire Engine Co 02 class were numbered D2850-2869 when built in 1960-1 for the Midland Region. Four survived to become class 02. The early production Drewry 04 fitted with skirts for tramway operation. This class was first introduced in 1952 with a batch numbered 11100-11112. Later engines had 3" larger driving wheels and larger cab windows.
The North British Class 22 1100HP B-B Diesel Hydraulic locomotives were numbered D6300-6357.  They were built 1959 -1962 for the Western region of BR and withdrawn 1967-1972. 
Midland Railway 4-4-0 Deeley Compound Locomotive and tender kit - The locomotive and tender bodies etched on 0.015" brass with the chassis on 0.018" nickel silver.  Boiler and castings not included.  See Steve Rabone's progress building one of these kits at "Building a MR compound" on his website.
Caledonian Railway 0-6-0  Class 294 by Drummond.  - The locomotive and tender bodies etched on 0.015" brass with the chassis on 0.018" nickel silver.Boiler and castings not included.
Caledonian Railway 0-6-0 Class 709 by Lambie And Macintosh - The locomotive and tender bodies etched on 0.015" brass with the chassis on 0.018" nickel silver.Boiler and castings not included.

62C Models

A recent venture between Scott Willis and Peter Mullen of 62C models has produced a set of etches for an NBR Class A/LNER N14 0-6-2T. The etches are a direct reduction from Peter's 7mm etches and he is advertising them, along with the etches for an NBR Class A/LNER N15 0-6-2T, on his website.

The chassis for the N14 is the same as that for the N15, originally it was my intention to have the chassis and both the N14 and N15 bodies produced. Unfortunately funds ran out and only the chassis and N14 body was produced. Despite this Peter has advertised the N15 on his website and would be happy to produce the body if he receives any interest.


Judith Edge Kits

The hurried shot above is of Patrick Smith's 16" Hunslet made from etches by Judith Edge kits blown up to S Scale.

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