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See further down the page for parts by Alan Gibson, Bill Bedford and Worsley Works

Coach Parts Available from the SSMRS

Commercial manufacturers are shown in square brackets where applicable.

These parts are available to members only from the Parts Officer of the SSMRS.

Part Description Quantity
CF1* Pendlenton/Mitchell 8' sprung bogie kit, etched brass per pair
CF2* Pendlenton/Mitchell 8' 6" sprung bogie kit, etched brass per pair

*   BG1 and BG2 require wheels and cosmetic sides to complete

CA1 5' spring (Midland Rly.) (whitemetal) per pair
CA2 6' spring (Midland Rly.) (whitemetal) per pair
CA3 7' spring, short 'J' hanger (Midland Rly.) (whitemetal) per pair
CA4 7' spring, deep 'J' hanger c/w axlebox (GER) (whitemetal) per pair
CA5 7' spring, straight 'J' hanger c/w axlebox (GER) (whitemetal) per pair
CA6 7' spring, long 'J' hanger (Midland Rly.) (whitemetal) per pair
CA7 4' spring and 'J' hanger (whitemetal) per pair
CB1 Coach axlebox (GER) per pair
CB2 Coach axlebox (Midland Railway) per pair
CB3Flattened Oval head carriage buffers (LBSC pattern) cast whitemetal Set of 4
CB4 LMS 9' wheelbase coach bogie, frame, sideframes, springs, etc per pair
CB5 LNER 8'-6" wheelbase coach bogie sides cast whitemetal Set of 4
CB6SR Maunsell 8' wheelbase bogie sides cast whitemetal
CB6LSWR and other railways 8' wheelbase Fox bogie sides, cast resin. Set of 4
CB7LSWR Fox Bogie swing links cast brass for use with CB6Set of 4
CB8LSWR Fox bogie transverse bolster springs, cast brass, for use with CB6 Set of 4
CC1 Coach W-irons (6) etched [Bill Bedford] per set
CC2 Cleminson six-wheel coach underframe [Brassmasters] each
CC3 Cleminson six-wheel coach underframe [Brassmasters] each
CC4 Coach W irons, GNR etched (D&S) per pair
CD1 Coach Dynamo
CH1Oval coach buffer
CL1 Lamp top (oil) 0.166" diameter x 0.174" high, plus flared base & lip set of 10
CL2 Lamp top (gas) (GER) set of 10
CL3 Lamp top(oil) MR, plus extinguishing cap set of 10
CL4 Lamp top (oil) and base top hat shape GWR broad gauge etc set of 10
CL5 Lamp top, MR (Gas) cast whitemetal
CS1 Midland Rly. Coach buffer stock,Clayton non-ribbed long (whitemetal) set of 4
CS2 Coach buffer w/m ram and head, Brown Marshall e.g. GWR broad gauge set of 4
CSS Coach Seating Strip (approx 19" length).
CT1 Underfloor gas tank, 0.325" diameter x 1.135" long each
CV1 Coach door vent (GER) set of 10
CV2 Torpedo vent set of 10


This LSWR six wheeler by Norman Pattenden uses the CC2 underframe. Photo Phillip Eaton

Alan Gibson Parts

A selection of Alan Gibson S scale kits and parts is also available either through the society or direct. For the prices of Alan Gibson's parts see his Web site.

Coaches - body etches only
SMM32 Set of five MR 57' (D1282, D1283, D1284 and two D1281) built in 1922
Coaches - complete kits
SMM34 LBSCR non-panelled 4 compartment bogie brake third
SMM35 LBSCR panelled 5 compartment bogie brake third
SMM36 LBSCR panelled 6 compartment bogie brake third
SMM37 LBSCR panelled 7 compartment bogie brake third
SMM38 LBSCR panelled bogie third
SMM39 LBSCR panelled composite


Bill Bedford Parts

Bill Bedford has an extensive S Scale Catalogue of kits which can be produced to order directly from Bill (not via the SSMRS). Bill aims for a 6-8 week production cycle, but this can be extended if for instance he cannot fill particular sheets of if he gets sidetracked by other work. Delivery times are minimum of 4 weeks though 12 weeks is more typical. If delivery could be a problem it is best to check with him before ordering.

G.W.R. 6368 (ex MSWJR, ex MR) as built from a Bill Bedford S Scale kit by John Holden: Photo J Prior

Worsley Works Coach Sides

New S Scale products from Worsley Works.

1. London North Western Railway diagram M7 Steam Railmotor

In S scale the kit will be £55

2. The kits from Worsley's Wantage Tramway range.  The price of the Wantage stock has not yet been advised.


Two groups of Midland Railway coach sides are being produced in S Scale by Worsley Works  The first group are the Bain Arc Roof stock used in close-coupled sets in the Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield areas from 1903.  The second group are round panelled Bain Clerestory stock. The sides have full panelling and window frames plus drop lights, ventilator louvres, ends with slot in steps and clerestory sides. The floor and underframes are also available if required. See the Worsley Works site for prices.

Bain Arc Roof stock 48'-0" x  8'6"

Third D487 (1903)
Composite,  D551 (same as D481) (1907)
First D481 (1903)
Brake Third 4 Comp D552 (1907)
Brake Third 6 Comp D501 (1903) 

Bain 54' Brake Third to D476 as built by Steve Rabone  (photo Steve Flint courtesy Steve Rabone)

Bain Clerestory stock54'-0"

Corridor Third D473 54' Round Paneling (1905)
Corridor Composite D469 54' Round Paneling (1907)
Corridor Brake Third D476 54' Round Paneling (1905)
Corridor Brake Composite D559 54' Round Paneling (1906)

LMS Stanier period 3 coaches are also available from Worsley Works.  Diagrams available are listed below

CORRIDOR BRAKE COMPOSITE D1850 60' Shallow vents
THIRD D1906 57' Non-corridor
COMPOSITE D1921 57' Non-corridor
BRAKE THIRD D1964 57' Non-corridor
FULL BRAKE D1796/ 2000 Stove R
FULL BRAKE D1854 50'
OPEN THIRD D1904 57'
CORRIDOR THIRD D2170 57' Porthole
BUFFET CAR D1948 57'

Also from Worsley are some kits for railcars. See the Worsley Works site for prices.

AEC Single Unit 'Flying Banana' 5-16 Etched sides with side skirts, bulkheads and most of the ends. Sorry the really bent bits beat us
AEC Single Unit 'Flying Banana' Parcels Car No 17 Etched sides with side skirts, bulkheads and most of the ends. Sorry the really bent bits beat us
AEC Twin Unit Railcar Etched one piece sides and roof, floor and ends
AEC Single Unit Railcar 19-32 Etched one piece sides and roof, floor and ends
AEC Single Unit Parcels Car Etched one piece sides and roof, floor and ends
Park Royal class 103 DMU

1 x Driving Motor Brake Second Lav

1 x Driving Trailer Composite Lav

Sides with separate window surrounds, ends and floor


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