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SSMRS Figures

See further down the page for Commercial figures

These parts are available to members only from the Parts Officer of the SSMRS

FP1 Edwardian porter (standing)
FM1 Man seated arm raised
FM2 Thin man seated (with cap)
FM3 Large man seated (with cap)
FM4 Man seated (with trilby, long coat)
FM5 Man seated (with trilby, winter coat)
FM6 Stout farmer seated
FM7 Guard seated
FM8 Driver seated left arm raised
FM9 Motor cycle rider
FM10 Driver seated left arm on chest
FM11 Driver seated right arm on chest
FC1 Cow, standing, head down
FC2 Cow, standing, head up
FC3 Cow, standing, head up looking ahead
FC4 Cow, standing, head up looking down
FC5 Cow, standing, head up looking left
FC6 Cow, standing, head up looking right
FC7 Calf, standing, head down
FC8 Calf, standing, head up looking ahead
FC9 Calf, standing, head up looking left
FC10 Calf, standing, head up looking right
FH1 Horse standing, head down
FH2 Horse standing, head up
FH3 Foal standing, head down
FH4 Foal standing, head up
FS1 Sheep (standing)
FL1 Edwardian lady (standing)
FL1 Edwardian lady (standing)
FL2 Edwardian lady (seated)
FL3 1940s lady (seated)
FL4 1950s lady (seated)
FL5 1960s lady (seated)
FL6 Washerwoman (seated)
FL7 Lady in riding gear (seated)
FL8 Pig woman (standing)
FP1 Pig (large)
FP2 Pig (small)
GM1 Milk churn, parallel, 0.23" diameter x 0.45" high
GM2 Milk churn, conical, 0.29" base diameter x 0.52" high
GM3 Milk churn, conical, 0.27" base diameter x 0.57" high


Commercial Figures

There are quite a number of ranges of figures which are either designed specifically for S Scale Model railways or alternatively are produced for 25mm or 28mm "scale" wargaming. Some of these can be used directly whilst others may need a little modification e.g. removal of weaponry. The average modern male is about 5'-8" tall (27mm in S Scale) with the average female about 5'-3" (25mm in S Scale). In the eighteenth century people were 2-3 inches shorter because of poorer diets. Hence we are looking for figures roughly 24-28mm tall to the top of the head. The images included below are representative samples from the ranges and don't by any means cover all of what is available.

Aidan Campbell Miniatures: Specialist manufacturer of figure castings for model railways in most common scales, including 'S' scale. Individual commissioned sculpts also undertaken
Alan Gibson makes a driver and fireman set for S Scale.

Aspen Modeling Company A new and growing range of figures for S Scale model railroads. Includes some nice livestock.

Arttista Accessories: S scale figures for model railroads.All of the Forties-Fifties era. Look towards the bottom of the page for figures with &xx series numbers.

Black tree design -  Includes a "Dr Who range" which might be useful top some and some "French resistance" fighters. Dr Who figures are rather on the tall side (30mm ish) for S.

Copplestone Castings A new range to watch with some conversion potential. The chap who did the Darkest Africa figures for Foundry has added to his range of colonial figures. They have very good detail but may be slightly tall (29-30mm).  Now includes some 1920's Gangster figures which will need disarming.

Dixon's Wild West Range which includes some civilians - Perfect size for S and paint up nicely. Definitely for the Victorian era.. 

There are also gangster and WW2 ranges suitable for the mid 20th century.

You can now buy online.


Essex Miniatures  - range includes a number of "25mm" scale animals. Unfortunately no pictures available and no idea of actual size.
Eureka Miniatures Produce some 28mm civilians for the Victorian, interwar and modern periods (and a nice, late Hansom cab). They also have an arrangement called the 100 club where if 100 orders are received for a 28mm figure they will put it into production.
The Foundry: 28mm Wargaming figures some of which are suitable for S scale in the Victorian (Darkest Africa and Old West ranges) and WWII (Dad's army) eras. Huge range of figures but can be a little difficult to find the civilians on the website. They are there though. Look in the Americana, Darkest Africa and Street Violence areas.

Fun & Games: Hand painted and unpainted scale figures. Appear to come from other ranges.

Front Rank have some nice 25mm horses of several types and postures in their range.  They are a good size for S. Their 18th century civilians are fabulous but pre-railway era. They have barrels amongst their equipment .You can order on line.
Ground Zero Games  This company supplies modern/near future 25mm figures in its "Street Level" range.
Irregular Miniatures  This extensive range includes some animals.  Amongst their miscellaneous figures are a fireman, nurse, policewoman, etc. 

New Zealand Finescale: N.Z.R. Sn3 1/2 models including McKenzie and Holland type Somersault signals and S scale figures.

PBL supply a range of figures - both their own and by other people. Unfortunately no pictures available.
Pulp Figures - A Range based on "pulp" novel characters from the Twenties-Forties era. Some have potential for use/conversion.
Rank and File Models 28mm War-gaming figures, some of which are suitable for S scale in the Victorian era (Colonial range) and 1920/30's (Call of CTHUHLU range).
Reviresco  - Difficult to tell what their figures are like as the ones on their own website are not well painted.  Some of their vehicles claim to be 1/64 scale whilst others are 1/72. All of those shown right claim to be 1/64.
Steve Barber Models. Some nice twenties "Prohibition wars" gangster figures and dustbins.
West Wind Productions Gothic horror range includes some very nice London policemen but many figures are very cartoon like - be careful. Cowboy wars range may have uses for US TOC modellers.


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