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2008 Annual General Meeting

Your Hon. Sec. managed to get a few snaps whilst at the AGM at Chalfont St. Peter. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Three photos of Trevor Nunn's latest work.  On the table is the station building for Trevor's next project. The wagon and van bodies are all M&GNJR types.  The loco is one of the four E&MR 2-4-0 rebuilt from ex Cornwall  Minerals Railway 0-6-0T engines. They were withdrawn in the late 1890s.  

Scott Willis's North British Railway 0-6-0T No. 801 (later LNER class J83) built in 1900-01.  The model has a (temporary) rear axle. It isn't really an 0-4-2T!

Two variations by John Holden on the North Eastern Railway H class (later LNER class Y7) built from 1888 until 1923.  Both of the real locos represented were sold to industry in the 1952. These two models were built from the society kit

Two Metropolitan Electric Locos built by the late Alan Cruickshank.  Locomotive No. 10 on the left is the last of a series built in 1906 by BWE. They didn't last very long and the locomotive on the right is the last of the replacement locomotives built from 1921. (Met No. 20 Sir Christopher Wren)  

Steve Rabone's  latest locomotive is this Midland Railway 2-4-0.  It is a model of a Neilson built 1400 class engine from the last batch of 2-4-0's built for the MR.  The model depicts the locomotive as running in the late Midland era with Deeley fittings and post 1907 number on the tender.

Three miscellaneous images.

a Royal Mail van converted by Jas Millham from a Corgi? toy. 

Robin Fielding's East Kent Railway number 8 was a former SER class O designed by James Stirling.  It was originally SER number 376.  It was bought by the EKR in 1928 but only lasted until 1934 when it was broken up.

The Parish hall at Chalfont St Peter with society members seated for lunch.

Andrew Townley brought along this M&GNJR 0-6-0T one of a class of nine which used parts from scrapped Cornwall Minerals  railway 0-6-0T engines sold to the E&MR.  This one lasted until 1945 by which time it belonged to the LNER.