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2009 Annual General Meeting

Your Hon. Sec. managed to get a few snaps whilst at the AGM at Chalfont St. Peter. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

The six LBSCR engines below were built by Mike Watts and brought over from Canada for the AGM. 

From left to right we have Stroudley A1 class 0-6-0T number 65 "Tooting",  Stroudley D1 0-4-2T number 33 "Mitcham" of 1876, Stroudley 18 class 0-4-2T number 373 of 1871,  Stroudley E1 0-6-0T number 99 "Bordeaux", a Marsh H1 class 4-4-2 of 1905-6  and finally Billinton D3 class 0-4-4T number 365 "Victoria" built in 1892. "Victoria's claim to fame was that during WW2 it was machine-gunned by a low flying German aircraft which clipped the dome and crashed. The loco survived until 1952. 


Next up we have an SER O class 0-6-0 designed by James Stirling. 122 of these were built between 1878 and 1899. This model was built by Geoff Stenner some years ago. Geoff has recently returned to S Scale.  


Jas Millham was busy in 2008.   

His two new locos are a J39/2 (left) and a D16/3 Claude Hamilton (right).  The J39 has a cunningly articulated chassis to allow this long wheelbase 0-6-0 to get around Yaxbury's curves.


Scott Willis brought along a couple of NBR coach bodies.  These are Ashbury built carriages as running in their later years. 

Stephen Clinch has two Midland Railway Johnson 0-6-0T's under construction.  As can be seen from the photo they are well on their way with chassis complete and the main body work


Some of John Holden's wagons.  This group having a Scottish emphasis.

And finally for something a bit different we have a London tram which is emerging from the Bevis-Smith household.