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2004 Newmarket show - It's just not British!

The Newmarket show is one of the small number of shows in the UK that cater for "foreign" modellers. This year, members of the SSMRS with non British modelling interests were invited to display their layouts and demonstrate their modelling skills. The show was held in St Felix Middle school and some snaps of the classroom containing the SSMRS members' exhibits are shown below.

An overall view of the classroom during the setting up period. At this stage a small piece of of Tsarist Russia and 2 demonstrators had still to arrive.

An overall view of Ian Hammond's "Kopikopiko" looking towards the dairy.
Right: Clyde built General Motors power at "Kopikopiko".


Below: The end of he the line at "Kopikopiko".

Len White brought along a small piece of Belgian metre gauge that he is working on.
The other two demonstrators have arrived! Richard Simon and Phil Copleston hard at work just before the show opened. A section of Richard's (under construction) Tsarist Russian layout "Tinskaya" is visible at the left.
At the very end of the show there was an Australian invasion of "Kopikopiko". Andy May's West Australian G class 2-6-0 stands in the platform road. The resemblance of NZR and WAGR station buildings is not a coincidence. Some used the same drawings.

All photos A S May.