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Grove Ferry Junction

Robin Fielding's new layout represents an extension of the East Kent Railway which, like a lot of Colonel Stephens' schemes, was never built.  The layout is still under construction.  Photos taken by Adrian Colenutt at the Uckfield 2007 exhibition show the latest state of progress.


An overview of the whole layout as it appeared at Uckfield.  The fiddle yard is behind the shed at the far end.


East Kent Railway number 8 was a former SER class O designed by James Stirling.  It was originally SER number 376.  It was bought by the EKR in 1928 but only lasted until 1934 when it was broken up.



The fiddle yard end of the layout showing the traverser.

This traverser when pulled right out towards the operator can be turned right around.  The locking mechanism to keep it parallel in normal use is the vertical door latch at the far end.

The Colonel must have hired the 3F to overcome a motive power shortage.

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