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Bill Pearce's Bank Hall Sidings

All photos Bill Pearce

A few shot of Bill's new Layout "Bank Hall sidings".  An example of the British Railways era dirt and decay that so many of us remember, disused canal and all. The Layout is set in the industrial North West.

The cotton warehouse and the terraced house is that they are made of foamboard and then chadded. The 16 ton mineral wagon in the foreground is a society kit, the weighbridge hut is made from "Wills" sheet,and based on a colliery prototype as is the hut near the overbridge, but this is a chad job. The figures are mainly the society driver/fireman suitably modified, but the chap on the canal bank is American!

The motive power for Bank Hall sidings includes two diesel shunters.  BR classes 02 and 08. The 02 class D2862 below is a Worsley Works kit whilst the 08 kit can be obtained via the SSMRS.

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