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A retrospective of Bill Pearce's Piel Quay

All photos Bill Pearce

Piel Quay, Bill's old layout, was set in a much earlier era in Cumbria. 

This photo shows Neilson built 0-4-0T Box tank drifting over the road crossing.


The second shot shows Ellenborough Colliery Co Ltd  No 3 shunting the mill siding at the Quay. 


The other industrial loco to be found at Piel Quay was 0-4-0ST No 2 "Piel".  It is seen here crossing the estuary bridge. Anyone familiar with the Dursley branch will recognise the loco.


The local passenger train headed by Furness Railway J1 class 2-4-2T arrives at Piel Quay.  This class were built by Sharp Stewart as 2-4-0 tender engines and rebuilt by the FR into a tank engines.

The control panel for the layout was behind the warehouse.


The passenger platform at Piel Quay with two Furness Railway 4 wheelers in their characteristic Blue and White livery.


Local private owner wagons at Piel Quay reflect the industrial nature of parts of Cumbria in the early 20th Century.  These models were built and painted by Jim Guthrie.


The Neilson Box tank again. This time on the bridge.


The last shot shows "Piel" taking a break by the coaling stage.  Not such a hard job for the fireman as "Piel" is a very small engine and doesn't use much coal.

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