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Jas Millham's Yaxbury branch

Above left: Beyond the end of the platform and through the houses at Yaxbury

Above right: The J15 on a goods train.

Left: The Railbus crossing bridge over the farm track near the golf course.

Below Left: The Railbus at Rookfield

Below right: The Level crossing and Station at Rookfield.

(All photos Jas Millham)

Above left: The J15 in the headshunt at Yaxbury with the Railbus passing.

Above right: The station yard at Yaxbury

Left: Rookfield station.

Below Left: The J17 by the bridge at Bishop's Yaxford

Below right: The Railbus awaits passengers at Yaxbury.

(All photos Jas Millham)

 Above left: J68 number 68666 at rest in the headshunt

Above right. 6 wheel CCT at Yaxbury

Left. J15 shunting vans at Yaxbury

Below Left: Yaxbury yard looking down the line.

Below right: Yaxbury yard looking towards the station and the town.

(All photos Jas Millham)


The track plans below show the two levels of the Yaxbury branch in its latest iteration. They are illustrative only and not to scale but they do show the new parts that Jas has added now that the layout has a permanent home. The hoist links the two levels.



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