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Some of Norman Pattenden's Models


LSWR Adams "415" class 4-4-2T Radial tank number 106.  The original loco was built in 1885 and withdrawn in 1923.  This is one of Norman's earlier models.

Photo Trevor Nunn



LSWR Adams O2 class 0-4-4T number 227.  The original loco served from 1894 until 1933.   

Photo Trevor Nunn


Right and Below:

 MSWJR 4-4-4T number 17.  The prototype was one of  a pair (17 & 18) built in 1897 by Sharp, Stewart & Co. 

The model was finished in 1995.  Photo: Maurice Hopper (Right) and Trevor Nunn (Below) 

Below: MSWJR 2-4-0 number 10. The real loco was one of three (10-12) built in 1894.  It lasted until 1952.  Norman finished this model in 1994. Photo: Trevor Nunn


This little Beyer Peacock 2-4-0T was the second loco that Norman built.  It was originally finished as MSWJR number 8. It now belongs to Simon Dunkley who has fitted it with Westinghouse brake gear and finished it is E&WJR number 5. It has also had new wheels fitted, based on Society 18 spoke brass centres (the original had 22 spoke P4 wheels).  


Photo Simon Dunkley

Left and Below:

Two of Norman's superb carriages.  These two are part of  set of six wheelers.  The real sets were permanently coupled hence the short buffers on the inner ends of the Brake and both ends of the Composite.

Both photos Maurice Hopper






Above, Left and Below:   Some of Norman's wagons. 

Photos Maurice Hopper.


Norman's last model.  Furness Railway B3 class 2-2-2T number 36.  The original loco dated from 1866 and lasted until 1898.

Photo Maurice Hopper

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