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This page shows the work of Bernard Wright who was a pioneer of S Scale in the 1940s/50s.

Bernard Wright's "415" class Adams radial tank as it appeared in 1956 before getting a coat of paint. It had Bond's wheels and buffers by K's. The track was made using ABC chairway chairs.  LSWR 4-4-2T
  N class 2-6-0 This photo of Bernard's N class 2-6-0 also appeared first in about 1956. Complete apart from the paint.
E1R 0-6-2T  This photo first saw the light of day in 1949. The livery for the loco would have been almost contemporary at the time. The later photo below includes the same loco in the earlier SR green livery.

The second time this photo appeared (in 1950) it was captioned "Mountains of Devon?". No E1R ever penetrated as far East as the Swiss Alps as far as I know!

Five of Bernard's locos posing together. All in pre-war SR green. The original photo is captioned "Completed at Last" and dates from 1957.  5 locos
This W class 2-6-4T was started by A. Nicklen but finished off the Bernard Wright in about 1950. W 2-6-4T
  Bernard's T9 4-4-0 from a photo in Eric Manning's scrapbook.  Wheels were adapted from 00 gauge. 
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