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This gallery is of pioneering S Scale models from the 1940s onwards.

 1956 MRC Exhibition

The society stand as it appeared at the 1956 Model railway club exhibition. Photo T. R. Wood

Precursor tank This Precursor tank was built by Stan Garlick in about 1955. It had not yet received number plates when the photo was taken.
Eric Manning's unfinished Rebuilt "Royal Scot". The photo dates from about 1952.  The same loco can be seen in the showcase at the top but still unpainted. It is still in existence but now lives in the USA.

Rebuilt Royal Scot

Schools by Les Brown At least three "Schools" class locos were built by various members of the society in the 50s/60s. This one was by Les Brown.
Eric Manning submitted this photo to a magazine.  Anyone know what happened to this little P class 0-6-0T?

With some of the locos built in the 1950s their whereabouts are unknown.  This is not the case with Eric Manning's "Rebuilt Scot" as this 2006 photo shows.

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